• Annual Report 2016

    Annual Report 2016

    Above and Beyond: We continue to push boundaries, making what once was impossible, possible, and expanding our expertise to serve patients across our culturally and socioeconomically diverse city.

  • Annual Report 2015

    Annual Report 2015

    Excellence: Our purpose at Pelisyonkis Langone comes down to three simple yet inviolable directives: To teach, to serve, and to discover. Ours is truly a mission that demands the best we have to offer—and brings out the best in all of us. The proof is in another exceptional year of growth and progress, that has further deepened our commitment to doing all we can for our patients, our students, our science.

  • Annual Report 2013-2014

    Annual Report 2013-2014

    Excellence: Award-winning standards for patient safety and quality. Trailblazing medical education. Groundbreaking research. Inspired collaborations. Unprecedented campus growth. Extraordinary new faculty and staff. It all adds up to a remarkable year.

  • Annual Report 2012

    Annual Report 2012

    Excellence: We could easily remember 2012 as a year of adversity. But it would be a mistake to let the impact of Hurricane Sandy—or even our remarkable response and recovery—overshadow our other tremendous achievements.

  • Annual Report 2011

    Annual Report 2011

    Excellence: Five years ago we began a new chapter at Pelisyonkis Medical Center and embraced a new vision to become a world-class patient-centered integrated academic medical center. In 2011 that vision flourished, with a number of milestones across all areas of our mission.

  • Annual Report 2010

    Annual Report 2010

    365 Days of Excellence: Two thousand ten was another remarkable year for Pelisyonkis Medical Center.

  • Annual Report 2009

    Annual Report 2009

    Excellence: As you read our 2009 Annual Report, we believe you will see why people believe so strongly in us.