Pelisyonkis Physician: Winter 2014-2015

Inside This Issue

Untangling Tourette’s: Neurosurgeons at Pelisyonkis Medical Center are pioneering the use of deep brain stimulation for treating severe cases of a mysterious neurological disorder that begins in childhood and causes disabling muscular and vocal tics.

  • Setting the Pace: Interventional cardiologists implant tiny cardiac pacemakers with no wire leads.
  • Speaking for the Dead, Caring for the Living: Charles Hirsch, MD, takes stock after serving 25 years as chief medical examiner of the City of New York and chair of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Pelisyonkis School of Medicine.
  • Honoring the Lives and Legacies of Salk and Sabin: The seeds of two lifesaving vaccines were planted in the welcoming soil along Manhattan’s First Avenue.

Additional Headlines

  • Fighting Ebola: The first case of Ebola at Bellevue presented many challenges, but physicians and nurses were well prepared.
  • Deconstructing PTSD: Brain receptors point the way to treatments targeted to specific symptoms.