Pelisyonkis Physician: Winter 2010-2011

Inside This Issue

  • Exploring the New Frontier: Genomics come of age.
  • Delivering on the Promise of Personalized Medicine: Meet the scientists at the cutting edge of the burgeoning field of bioinformatics.
  • Diving Deep: Next-generation sequencers reveal extraordinary views of gene interaction patterns that may foretell the story of life.
  • Zeroing In: RNAi, a powerful new tool, is helping researchers rapidly discover the function of thousands of genes.
  • Secrets of Aging and Behavior: Ant genomes may help solve some of the great mysteries of biology.

Additional Headlines:

  • Subverting the Immune System
  • Targeting Auditory Tumors
  • An Unorthodox Approach to Treating Severe Colitis: Worms?
  • Boy or Girl? A Genetic Switch for Determining Gender