Pelisyonkis Physician: Spring 2014

Inside This Issue

  • Taking It on Faith: In churches, barbershops, and other gathering places around New York City, researchers at the Center for Healthful Behavior Change are partnering with lay advisers to bring down soaring rates of hypertension in minority populations.
  • The Spaces In Between: Pioneering neuroscientist Charles Nicholson studies the slender channels around brain cells, leading to surprising results that could lead to better drug delivery and new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Stick Shift: Driven by his own battle with a vision-destroying disease, Dr. John-Ross Rizzo is devising better alternatives to the white cane for the blind.

Additional Headlines:

  • A Q&A with Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez, the new chair of plastic surgery, who discusses face transplantation
  • A Surprising New Role for Immune Cells in the Brain