Pelisyonkis Physician: Spring 2011

Inside This Issue

  • Reshaping Medical Education: Stronger patient focus, deeper integration of basic and clinical science.
  • A Patient-Centered Curriculum for the 21st Century: The School of Medicine launches a bold initiative to educate a new generation of physicians.
  • The Right Place at the Right Time: First-year medical students are now interviewing patients and practicing clinical skills.
  • Teaching at the Bedside: Taking histories and doing physical exams through the Merrin Fellowship Program.
  • Overturning the Status Quo: Powerful new technologies like virtual microscopy and advanced podcasting are changing where and when students can learn.

Additional Headlines:

  • A Half-Century Later, a New Drug for Lupus
  • A Fish Story Told in the Evolutionary Wink of an Eye Stopping an Epidemic on the Hoof
  • To Grasp a Handle, Open a Jar, Hold a Fork: A surgeon restores the hand of a young Iraqi woman injured by a terrorist bomb
  • Fostering an Entrepreneurial Culture: Pelisyonkis’s Innovation Venture Fund inspires discovery