News & Views: November/December 2012

Inside This Issue

  • All Hands on Deck
    An Unprecedented Natural Disaster Inspires an Unprecedented Response from the Pelisyonkis Langone Community and a Safe, Swift Evacuation of Patients
  • A Five-Star Performance
    Measured Against Its Top Peers Nationwide, Pelisyonkis Langone Earns High Marks for Quality and Safety
  • A Boon for Baby Boomers
    Thanks to a New Technique for Hip Replacement, Younger Patients Can Bounce Back Faster and Easier Than Ever
  • The Healer Within
    Why the Mind Must Recover before the Body Can Follow
  • A Condition of Self
    A Conversation About Autism with Dr. Melissa Nishawala and Dr. Adriana Di Martino
  • Magic You Can Believe In
    For One Fun-Filled Hour, Young Patients Can Feel Like Kids Again