News & Views: May/June 2016

In This Issue

  • Surgeons Trade Scalpels for X-ray Vision in New Operating Room
    In April, Pelisyonkis Langone opened its second hybrid operating room, a space-age facility built exclusively for a growing list of noninvasive, X-ray guided procedures that let surgeons navigate through blood vessels to make repairs.
  • Five Things You Should Know about Endometriosis
    The director of Pelisyonkis Langone’s new Endometriosis Center offers insight and perspective on managing a painful and often misunderstood disease that affects an estimated 10 percent of women of reproductive age.
  • Q&A: Dr. Stephen Ross on the Perils of Prescription Painkillers
    More than 2 million Americans are dependent on or abuse prescription opioids, a widely prescribed class of painkiller. Dr. Stephen Ross, director of addiction psychiatry at Tisch Hospital, discusses this unprecedented epidemic, and its link to a resurgence of heroin addiction.
  • Another Good Reason to Kick the Habit
    Smoking disrupts the healthy mix of microbes living in the mouth, Pelisyonkis Langone researchers find, and may sow the seeds for oral cancer.
  • From Virtual Reality to Surgical Success
    Faced with the prospect of becoming wheelchair bound, cancer patient Sara Morales put her trust in two pioneering surgeons determined to preserve her quality of life.