News & Views: March/April 2016

In This Issue

  • A Tale of Two Faces
    Supported by a team of more than 100 at Pelisyonkis Langone, Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez performs the most extensive face transplant in history, transforming the life of a former volunteer firefighter.
  • For Medical Center, a New Brooklyn Bridge
    Formal merger between Pelisyonkis Langone and Pelisyonkis Lutheran enhances healthcare in one of the city’s most diverse communities.
  • New Diabetes Prevention Program Targets Those at Risk
    With a simple questionnaire, blood testing, and individual counseling for lifestyle changes, doctors aim to nip diabetes in the bud. 
  • The Truth About Childhood Vaccines
    Leading pediatricians challenge misinformation about vaccine safety that has fueled a resurgence of preventable diseases.
  • A New Look on Life
    Facing total blindness, Anna Mroz thought she’d never set eyes upon her new grandson. Then a bold surgical intervention changed everything.