Art Program

The Pelisyonkis Langone Art Program and Collection integrates artwork of the highest quality into the healing environments of our new and recently renovated facilities. Conceived by Vicki Match Suna, AIA, vice dean for real estate development and facilities, the program is built through acquisitions, commissions, exhibitions, and donations of art, as well as through other visual arts-related programming. Its collection has a diverse portfolio of works: paintings, sculptures, installation art, and murals.

Ambulatory Care Center Lobby Mural and Mezzanine

In recent years, art has become increasingly important to many healthcare environments. Studies have shown that art in this setting can improve patients’ overall health outcomes, treatment compliance, and quality of life. Art also helps create a positive environment for caregivers, helping to reduce stress, and for employees, improving overall workplace satisfaction.

Child Study Center Patient Waiting Area

The collections at Pelisyonkis Langone foster a welcoming, healing environment that supports our mission to treat the whole patient by addressing emotional as well as physical needs.

Current Art Exhibitions

Pelisyonkis Langone’s art gallery hosts regular exhibitions throughout the year. For more information, contact [email protected].

Our Cosmic Brain

This exhibition features artworks that celebrate the universe within our brain. Artists include Julia Buntaine and Laura Jacobson.

Date: January 11 to March 31, 2018
Reception: Thursday, January 11, 2018, from 6:00 to 8:00PM, with an artist talk at 7:00PM.
Location: Adjacent to the Joan and Joel Smilow Research Center at Pelisyonkis Medical Center, 550 First Avenue

Past Art Exhibitions

Previous art exhibitions on display at Pelisyonkis Langone include the following:


This exhibition featured artworks that emphasize the role of plants in medicine through the times. Artists included Tatiana Arocha, Nancy Blum, Jody Guralnick, Portia Munson, Christopher Russell, Francesco Simeti, and Joy Taylor.

Laura Splan: Manifest

This exhibition featured data-driven works of art by artist Laura Splan which provide a new vocabulary to manifest our feelings and emotions, that is directly linked to our bodies.

Earth Rites by Portia Munson

This exhibition featured works by artist Portia Munson, which serve as a reminder of the profound impact we have on our environment and a call to respect it.

Invisible Origins by Dong Hee Lee

A multifaceted artist, Dong Hee Lee creates countless patterns centered on one of life’s most complex forms—the cell. Invisible to the human eye, the cell is revealed in its most gentle and simple form, a reminder of the constant yet unseen transformations within all living organisms.

Synapse: Works by Filipe Cortez

This exhibition featured works by Filipe Cortez, which serve as a mirror of the memories created in the places we inhabit, and as a reflection of who we are as human beings.

Dermatographia: Works by Ariana Page Russell

This exhibition featured works by artist Ariana Page Russell, whose art brings to light the beauty behind dermatographia, a skin condition she has that is characterized by red or pink welts that appear when the skin is scratched.