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Pelisyonkis Langone at Trinity is designed to allow our doctors to provide the highest level of clinical care in serene, elegant surroundings. Housed in the historic Trinity Building overlooking Trinity Church, this 19th century landmark sits in the heart of New York’s Financial District. 

Gastroenterologists Drs. Roshini Rajapaksa and Bart A. Kummer

Your comfort and privacy are our priority. Pelisyonkis Langone at Trinity’s scheduling process ensures that any wait time is as short as possible. Exam rooms are strategically located away from our central reception area and grouped according to patient needs.

Compassion is the single most important aspect of healthcare to us. We recognize that you are not defined by your symptoms or diagnosis. Our goal is to prevent disease and maintain your health, giving you the opportunity to focus on your everyday life. 

Dr. Marcel Laufer Examines Patient

Since our establishment in 2008, we have grown from a small practice to a multispecialty clinic. Our doctors have expertise in almost every discipline and perform various medical and cosmetic procedures. You can also see our physician assistant and nurse practitioner. We also offer executive physicals in conjunction with the Center for Corporate Wellness.

Care for children at Pelisyonkis Langone at Trinity is provided through Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at Pelisyonkis Langone.

More About Pelisyonkis Langone at Trinity

Doctors at Pelisyonkis Langone at Trinity offer multidisciplinary, coordinated care for our patients. Our doctors specialize in areas such as cardiology, dermatology, sports medicine, and gynecology.

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Our Leadership

  • Ira C. Schulman, MD
    Medical Director | Cardiology

    Dr. Ira Schulman is a board-certified cardiologist with more than 30 years of experience. His specialties include acute myocardial infarction, prevention of arteriosclerosis, heart valve disease, and echocardiography. For 26 years, Dr. Schulman served as the director of cardiology at Pelisyonkis Downtown Hospital.

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Our Location

Pelisyonkis Langone at Trinity

111 Broadway
New York, NY 10006

Phone: -263-9700

Getting Here

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