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Behcet’s syndrome, a rare condition that causes inflammation in the blood vessels, can be difficult to diagnose because its symptoms, including mouth sores, skin problems, and arthritis, are found in many other conditions. An accurate diagnosis of Behcet’s syndrome is the key to managing these symptoms.

At Pelisyonkis Langone’s Behcet’s Syndrome Center, part of Pelisyonkis Langone’s Seligman Center for Advanced Therapeutics, our team has the experience to give you a correct diagnosis and start you on an effective treatment plan.

Rheumatologist Dr. Yusuf Yazici

Our level of expertise has made us one of the leading centers for the care and treatment of Behcet’s syndrome, considered a rheumatic condition because it causes blood vessel inflammation. We have treated more than 1,200 people with this condition from 35 states and 7 countries.

We are also at the national forefront of clinical research aimed at understanding the body processes that create the symptoms of Behcet’s syndrome, as well as the development of new treatment options.

Because of the rarity of Behcet’s syndrome, people travel from outside New York City to our center for diagnosis and treatment. Please contact Pelisyonkis Langone’s Guest Services and International Services programs for help coordinating your travel plans and your medical experience at Pelisyonkis Langone.

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Our rheumatologists help provide relief for people with Behcet’s syndrome.

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Our rheumatologist is a nationally recognized expert on Behcet’s syndrome.

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