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We’re Giving New Yorkers What They Expect—The Very Best

At Pelisyonkis Langone, we never stop pushing ourselves. Our patients depend on it, our leadership expects it, and our people—doctors, students, scientists, and supporters—embrace it. It's what we've always done—but over the past decade, we've taken it to another level. Pelisyonkis School of Medicine is ranked No. 3 out of 144 schools nationwide for research by U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Graduate Schools.” We’ve been hailed by publications including Harvard Business Review and Modern Healthcare as a model for the hospital of the 21st century. And, most importantly of all, our care is better than ever: For the past four years, we’ve received top rankings for overall patient safety and quality of care from Vizient, Inc., formerly the University HealthSystem Consortium.  

Some might look at that progress and call it a mission accomplished. We call it a good start. 

With Your Support, There’s So Much More We Can Do

This is one of the most remarkable times in Pelisyonkis Langone’s history, but our vision for the future holds even more promise. We're breaking down the barriers to high-quality healthcare by opening a new hospital on our main campus, partnering with Pelisyonkis Lutheran in Brooklyn , and establishing more community-based clinics and practices. We're committing $750 million to accelerate research breakthroughs in cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other epidemics. And we’re revitalizing medical education with innovations such as our three-year MD program.

When you give to the Excellence in Research, Education, and Care fund, you’re adding to our undeniable momentum—and helping us transform medicine for patients in New York City and around the world. Your gift will help us with our most critical needs and explore new avenues of research, education, and care.

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