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Experts at our Pelisyonkis Langone heart programs are known as leaders in cardiovascular care, not only in New York City, but also around the world. Our programs are where the latest research findings are rapidly translated into advanced patient care, and where physicians from around the world come to learn the latest techniques and treatments. In fact, some of the most advanced and effective treatments in cardiac surgery have been pioneered and perfected here over the last 35 years.

We know that a healthy heart and vascular system is vital for optimal wellness. We treat the whole person, and not just the heart or vascular condition you’re experiencing. In addition, we strive to take minimally invasive approaches to diagnosis and treatment whenever possible, helping our patients receive the best care available while maintaining a high quality of life. This results in less discomfort, a quicker recovery, and a faster return to your everyday activities. 

Compassionate, Customized Care

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals works to ensure that all of your needs are met. Our doctors are world-renowned experts in patient care as well as scientific researchers who regularly present their breakthrough findings at prestigious conferences, such as the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions. 

Cardiologist Dr. Adam H. Skolnick with Patient

Cardiologist Dr. Adam H. Skolnick sees a patient.

We also provide support to help prevent heart attacks and strokes by offering preventive services, such as nutritional counseling by registered dietitians who can help guide you through a healthy diet and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. 

We understand that heart disease and other vascular issues affect you mentally as well as physically, and that's why we have psychosocial support services available for you and your family. Our social workers can assist you with any plans regarding care after you leave the hospital, including home care, financial aid, transportation from the hospital, and continuing care in other healthcare facilities. Social workers also lead support groups where you can meet with other patients who share similar experiences. 

We even have designated patient representatives on hand to assist you and your family with any nonmedical questions or concerns related to hospital regulations and routines.

Research Leading to Treatment Advances

In an effort to advance treatment options for our patients beyond what is currently available, our physicians also conduct clinical and laboratory research to evaluate new treatments, ultimately putting us at the forefront of care for heart and vascular issues. 

Dr. Didier F. Loulmet Performs Mitral Valve Surgery

Cardiac surgeon Dr. Didier F. Loulmet performs mitral valve surgery.

Our heart surgeons were the first in the United States to introduce mitral valve repair, a procedure in which a surgeon trims, shapes, or rebuilds the mitral valve in your heart. They have also refined the technique over the last 30 years and proved its effectiveness in clinical trials. 

We’ve performed more minimally invasive and robotic heart surgeries for a wide range of complex heart procedures than any other facility in the Northeast, including single or multiple heart valve procedures, bypass surgery, congenital heart repairs, and reoperations. 

Aortic Transcatheter Valve

Our cardiac electrophysiologists pioneered the development of catheter-based therapy for cardiac arrhythmias. This is a minimally invasive way to eliminate a variety of heart rhythm issues by using radiofrequency energy applied through a special catheter to stop the abnormal electrical pathways in the heart causing the arrhythmia. 

In February 2014, our cardiac electrophysiologists implanted the first Micra™ Transcatheter Pacing System (Micra TPS), the world’s smallest pacemaker. Pelisyonkis Langone is one of the leading sites for the global clinical trial of the Micra TPS.

Pelisyonkis Langone cardiac electrophysiologists and radiologists also collaborate to develop and evaluate the use of novel MRI methods for imaging patients with arrhythmias who may or may not have implanted cardiac devices. 

These advances in cutting-edge technology, coupled with basic science and clinical research, enable us to provide better care to our patients.

Our physicians are world renowned for their expertise in caring for patients with cardiovascular diseases. We are here to listen to you, to understand your illness and how it impacts your life, and to work with your other doctors for continuity of care.

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Our Leadership

  • Glenn I. Fishman, MD
    Director, Leon H. Charney Division of Cardiology | Cardiology

    Dr. Fishman’s research interests include cardiovascular genetics, cardiovascular development, cardiac electrophysiology, and arrhythmias. He is widely published in numerous peer-reviewed publications covering groundbreaking research, such as using stem cells to study inherited heart rhythm conditions.

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  • Aubrey C. Galloway, MD
    Chair, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery | Cardiac Surgery

    Dr. Galloway’s extensive experience allows for outstanding care for a wide range of patients with valvular heart disease. He stresses comprehensive therapeutic options for patients with aortic aneurysms, aortic dissections, and all inherited and acquired diseases of the aorta.

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  • Larry A. Chinitz, MD
    Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology and Heart Rhythm Center | Electrophysiology, Cardiology

    Dr. Chinitz is an internationally renowned expert in the management of heart rhythm disorders. He established Pelisyonkis Langone’s Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology program and the Heart Rhythm Center to provide state-of-the-art cardiac rhythm management of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias. His current research focuses on the development of novel technology for use in catheter ablative therapies, investigation of neurostimulation and pharmacotherapy to help regulate irregular heartbeats, and other innovative treatments for patients at risk for sudden cardiac death.

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  • Judith S. Hochman, MD
    Director, Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center | Cardiology

    Dr. Hochman has received the American Heart Association’s 2014 Clinical Research Award for her leadership in landmark clinical trials aimed at updating the national guidelines for the management of ischemic heart disease. Dr. Hochman has led multiple National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute–sponsored international clinical trials that sought to determine the optimal management of ischemic heart disease, leading to the development of new recommendations for the role of revascularization—stent placement and coronary bypass surgery—in clinical practice guidelines.

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  • Stuart D. Katz, MD
    Director, Heart Failure Advanced Care Center | Heart Failure, Cardiology

    Dr. Katz has trained many of the leaders of other heart failure programs in the Tri-State Area. He is also the author of the clinical textbook Heart Failure: A Practical Guide for Diagnosis and Management. He has conducted research on both endothelial and autonomic dysfunction in heart failure, and he is investigating the biological effects of iron stores on vascular function. Dr. Katz also coordinates an array of research studies that explore next-generation therapies for heart failure.

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  • Achiau Ludomirsky, MD
    Director, Division of Pediatric Cardiology | Pediatric Cardiology

    Dr. Ludomirsky’s major interests are in clinical cardiology and in the development of new imaging modalities for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with congenital heart disease, from fetal life to adulthood. He is known nationally and internationally as a leader and an innovator in the field of pediatric cardiology. He has held significant leadership positions within the academic pediatric cardiology community.

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  • Ralph S. Mosca, MD
    Chief, Division of Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiac Surgery | Pediatric & Adult Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Dr. Ralph Mosca’s medical and surgical interests include reparative and palliative surgery in neonates and children with complex cardiac malformations, such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, as well as treating adults with congenital heart disease. Internationally recognized as an accomplished congenital heart surgeon, Dr. Mosca is working with the Division of Pediatric Cardiology to build a world-class pediatric and adult congenital heart disease center at Pelisyonkis Langone.

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  • James N. Slater, MD
    Director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory | Interventional Cardiology, Cardiology

    Dr. Slater is an expert at pairing robotic or minimally invasive surgery with catheter-based procedures. He also served as a principal investigator in the clinical trials that led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve the first mitral clip device, which affords patients with degenerative mitral valve regurgitation—when the heart valve fails to close properly—the option of nonsurgical valve repair when surgery is deemed too risky.

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  • Mathew R. Williams, MD
    Chief, Adult Cardiac Surgery | Cardiac Surgery, Interventional Cardiology

    Dr. Williams is the first and one of the only physicians in the United States to be dually trained in cardiothoracic surgery and interventional cardiology. Dr. Williams serves as either principal investigator or steering-committee member for several clinical trials under way in cardiovascular medicine. Dr. Williams’ expertise allows Pelisyonkis Langone to offer hybrid procedures, combining catheter-based stenting and traditional surgery, and paves the way for significant expansion of Pelisyonkis Langone’s structural heart program.

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